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Virtual Employee Concept means Indian employee hired by us on behalf of client that work remotely with them from India instead of physically from the client office based out in USA, Europe and other part of the world, under the total control and management of them. Legally, Virtual Employee is our employee but practically Virtual employee is part and parcel of clients work force and extended department of clients in India.

Virtual Employees work with the clients and clients instruct them on a daily basis, allocate the daily task, responsibilities and duties , exactly the same way as if they do with own employee in their home country. Clients supervise and monitor the work of virtual employees. Clients decide the working days and hours. Virtual Employee are governed and regulated according to the HR Policy , Procedure and Guidelines of Clients. Clients own the work produce by the virtual employees. Virtual Employee directly report to the client.


  • VE is Employee of service provider legally but in practice it is client's employee.
  • VE works with the client and the client gives instructions on daily basis,allocates daily tasks, responsibilities and duties, time line exactly the way as if the client does with own employee in its own office.
  • The Client deploy its own H.R. Policy, procedure, work ethics, processes & SOP's.
  • The Client provides the required training and continuous education program.
  • The Client decides about implementation and execution work.
  • The Client supervises and monitors the work of the Virtual Employee
  • Virtual Employee take instructions, report/submit their work and interact/ collaborate, with and or from the Client.
  • Client is responsible for the work output and delivery from VE.
  • Client retains ownership over the IPs and work product, produced by Ve.
  • Virtual Employees are connected with the Client by way of video conferencing, having local home country telephone/mobile number, Remote PC Software, Skype/Google Talk,Emails,Instant Messaging or any other communication mode the Clients want to put in place.
  • Virtual Employee Business Model crates an Offshore Outsourcing first by combining the ability to outsource whilest also being employee your very own employee.
  • Employers have the low cost that comes with outsourcing and high effectiveness that comes through hiring your own employee.
  • Service Provider provides all the requisite infrastructure such as Technology, Internet, Provision for Server and UPS, Video-Conference Facility, House Keeping Services, Administration Services and Support/Back Office Operations.