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Most of the Business organizations, Government, NGO’s etc. have varying staffing needs ranging from temporary to permanent. Such need arises from various complex situations that include sudden influx of workflow, peak workload, long-term leave of staff, looming deadlines, volume, lack of access to special skills & expertise etc. In such situation, contingent workers at Offshore Locations are the best strategic solution to save the cost and time in the most seamless manner. This Contingent Workforce strategy allows our clients to grow & shrink their needs as the situation warrants.

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Offshore Staffing Solution

We provide world-class staffing solutions by offering the highest degree of professionalism, integrity, ethics & best talent

Project Management Services

Project management is one of the key essential in document review process which directly or indirectly impacts the end to end service delivery in a project.

Quality Control Services

Quality is integral to our operational excellence & our Quality philosophy is a tangible expression of one of our core values.

Back Office Support Services

We also provide the following support services to our clients.


shreman You Hire your Own Employee not a Freelancer.

shreman You don’t need to employ staff at Offshore Location to work from home, as this is not viable in India due to the family culture and other traditional limitations that hamper the conducive environment.

shreman Save time, efforts and money in sourcing, interviewing and recruiting workforce – We have already done the hard work for you.

shreman No hassles of Payroll management and other HR Management activities

shreman No additional facility or infrastructure required. We guarantee you a state of the art facility and infrastructure with independent access under your control and at your disposal, which leads you in not requiring any capital expenditure to set up your own IT facility.

shreman Substantial Cost Saving over 70% due to cost arbitrage

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